Legacy Series: My Advice to Christians

God has deliberate plans for every Christian which is why he plants us in a house. For the benefit of this series, a house represents a church, a local assembly of Christians.

As a covenant child of God, it is counterproductive to uproot yourself from where you are planted. What Christians fail to realize is that just because God planted you somewhere doesn’t mean it will be a smooth ride. The promise is that you’ll be victorious. There will be trials, your patience will be tested but to win, you must persevere.


It is important to note that as a human being, you are entitled to have feelings and while your feelings might be real, they might not necessarily be right. So, it’s best not to allow your life be ruled by your emotions.

As a member of a house, one important criterion necessary for the growth and success of the said house is unity. A house divided against itself cannot stand and we fail to understand that unity is not automatic. Unity takes deliberate efforts. Unity takes work, unity requires sacrifices.


A lot of Christians have the habit of leaving churches because of some perceived wrong, they don’t have the patience to forgive or overlook, they just up and go. But the truth is there is no perfect church. If the church consists of humans, there is bound to be misunderstandings but that doesn’t warrant you leaving the place God planted you. Your blessings are tied to your house. And just because people leave a house doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the place.


In life, be it at work or church, as you work with people to achieve a cause, you must keep adjusting till you get to that point of agreement. Unity is never automatic. When God plants you in a place you are expected to adjust, there is a blessing attached to unity.

PS 133:1-2

God’s power is released when we come together in unity. When God anoints the head, the oil flows down to all the parts of the body that are connected. Whatever you do, endeavor to stay in sync with your house. Stay connected.. When you are planted in a house and remain connected, you receive the blessings attached to that house. God has a package for every house.

Three Dimensions to Ministry

As Christians we are called to a life of ministry; it is our mandate, our primary responsibility. Ephesians 4:11-12 explains that God called the pastors to perfect (empower, equip)  the saints to do ministry. There are 3 dimensions to ministry;

  1. To reconcile men to God – Every believer is called to carry out this responsibility, therefore, you should key into this global mission of God. Your purpose is not to work a secular job. Your purpose is to save souls as yours was graciously saved.
  2. House mission: Every soldier belongs to a platoon, a battalion, a unit. You are planted there by God for a purpose, and as a member, you are expected to carry out the core responsibilities of that unit. As a member of DCC, you are expected to carry out the vision of our battalion.
  3. Your specific ministry: We are all called to carry out certain individual tasks during our lives. Many of us are daily neglecting our specific ministry. Esther 4:14 Like Esther, we were called for a time such as this. Are you fulfilling what you were called to do? There’s a reward for carrying out your specific ministry.

Don’t be deceived into thinking that ministry is about carrying out random acts of kindness. Ministry is doing something great in His Name. It must be done in the name of Jesus Christ.


Stay loyal!

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Legacy Series: My Advice to Christians