Legacy Series: My Advice to Young Men

As men and indeed every human, we are encompassed with so many dreams, aspirations and goals. Some of these aspirations, we can handle by ourselves but the aspirations that will have far reaching effects will be those that are anchored on what God can do for you. God has capacity to meet whatever need or dreams you desire. The bible says in Proverbs 4:18 tells us that “But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.”

For men, a lot of our sense of fulfillment will come from things linked to money or our career. These things affect who a man becomes and how he will behave. The first thing God gave man in the bible was work, a lot of a man’s self esteem will come from his work. With Work, the ultimate height is to be engaged with work that you love and pays handsomely too. While many people many not get to that level, it is not an excuse not to work. Every man must find some sort of work to be engage with. In case you do not find work that you love to do please get engaged with work that you can find around you and if you can’t find employment, learn a skill or a trade. There is no excuse for idleness.

God has deposited some sort of value in every human being he created, what we then need to do is to search deep down, discover this value, harness them and bring to the marketplace so people that need your skills or services can trade them in exchange for something of value as well.

When you then find something to do the next step is to ensure that it is done with all your heart and might. Be the best at what you do. Put in so much effort to your work that it reflects in your output. Keep researching ways to advance your craft and evolve, have a desire to constantly get better. Because in the end, life will reward you with better opportunities when you are too good at what you do.

There are three things every man should hold dearly and exhibit in his daily life. These characteristics will make you stand out and build your feet firm on the ground in whatever line of work you find yourself in. As men we should be faithful, loyal and honest. These are major life keys.

Faithfulness: You need to be faithful to you dreams, your work, your aspirations. Be firm and do not give up. You must be ready to do the work required to get the results you desire. There are opportunities constantly opening up for faithful people. The more effort you put in to life, the better results you will get.

Loyalty: Loyalty means showing a firm or constant support/allegiance to a person or institution. A lot of people have nothing or someone they are loyal to. Loyalty means making something or someone a priority. People like your mentors and life coaches are there to guide you, they not your cheerleaders. Stay loyal to them.

Honesty: After you have sorted most your life issues, the next biggest thing you will have to deal with is with women. Be honest in your interactions with women as they can have major impact in the outcome of your life. Stay loyal, be transparent and honest, do not be tempted to take advantage of women in their subtleness. A woman committed to you can change the outcome of your life for good.

In conclusion, we pray that as men God will help us find what we love to do and do it with all our heart. We will find grace to be faithful, loyal and honest. We will be able to make adjustments in our lives where necessary. In Jesus Name, Amen!

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Legacy Series: My Advice to Young Men