Moving From Guesswork to Knowing

If you have never lived before, it invariably means that you don’t know for sure how to live your life and
reach your full potentials. You do not know for sure what action you will take today that will make you
fulfilled and excited at the end of the life that you live on earth, fulfilling your full potential. It is too
much of a gamble to live your life hoping that you are living it right, you only have one attempt at living
and for what it is worth, it is just too risky to guess the way to live. You should move from guessing to
knowing how to live. Amazing thing is, the answers on how to live your life lies absolutely with the
maker of life – Jesus Christ.
Ask God how are we supposed to live? God is the only one that is reliable and can come through for you
no matter the situation. It is too risky to bank on guess work with our lives. The biggest trick the devil
plays on us is to make us live ordinary lives, a life devoid of purpose and once convinced that you have
an ordinary life and you don’t matter, your life will end ordinarily with no impact. It is a big challenge
that we need to be aware of because the world is structured in a way to make you feel like you came to
life from nothing and there’s no purpose to your life. The Bible in Jeremiah 1:5 says “Before I formed
thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I
ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.” This is a testament of the fact that you came from a high
place and you have a purpose to your life. Influential people in the society, experts and professionals do
not have the answers on how to live and achieve your fullest potentials on earth as we are all here for
the 1 st time. God is the only one with the answers on how to live.
The ordinary life is a life that can be summarized in one week, one engraved in routine. If your life can
be shrunk or summarized in one week, there’s no point living for a year. In 1 st Corinthians 15:19, the
bible says, “If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.” We should
look out for a life beyond earth. As believers we are called to live like Christ, Christianity is not a
religion, we are fractions of Jesus. Jesus had an earthly calling but his focus was on doing God’s work.
He didn’t focus on the events of this life because whatever we do on earth is temporal. Jesus was not
obsessed with his earthly work, he was most concerned about his heavenly calling. We as followers of
Christ have got heavenly callings upon our lives, be aware of this and not lose your sense of purpose in
chasing earthly things. This world is not the end for us. You must be focused on building and focusing on
the end goal, the keyword is focus.
Jesus was more focused in his calling than on earthly things. For instance, he was never married but that
did not stop him from focusing on the end goal, He did not have children and he also died young yet
fulfilled purpose with so much joy. Bottom-line is, we need to know that the pleasures of this life are
temporal, we have a higher calling. Your heavenly calling is more important than the earthly things you
are worrying about. The only reason you are alive is to be a blessing to other people, your life should not
only revolve around you chasing earthly things. Find your place in God and serve, as in the eyes of God,
“no calling is a small one”, you can start from where you are today. God bless you…

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Moving From Guesswork to Knowing