Thermostat, not Thermometer- Take Responsibility

This month has indeed been an enlightening one for us here at David’s Christian Centre. We have looked at how as Christians, changing our environment and not whining about it is important.

In the last couple of weeks, we have established that as thermostats, the first and perhaps the most important characteristic is that of Prayer. Undeniably, we know that there’s power in prayer. Unfortunately, some of us have weakened the potency of prayer by our actions. We say one thing in prayer and confess negatively. Also, as Christians, we are supposed to take prayerful actions. If you are going to change things, in this time of gross darkness, you must be a person of prayer. Learn to pray, let’s stop sleeping away our life.

Also, we saw that our attitude is very important. Do you always appear sour? Or always look like your case is worse than that of others? Then you are acting like a thermometer, not a thermostat. We must endeavor to be joyful in the face of debilitating challenges. Remember, your attitude attracts the same vibe you emit.


Yesterday, we looked at another important characteristic we must possess if we must be thermostats in this time-YOUR RESPONSE ABILITY. As Christians we must endeavor to take ownership of the change we want to see; we must learn to act.

In Judges 5:7, we saw how Deborah took responsibility for changing the way things were in her town. She saw a need and she acted. She did not wait for one man somewhere to do what she so wanted to see one in her environment, she became a change agent. It is important to note that the thing that frustrates you the most is where your calling is the strongest.


1 Sam 17 also highlighted the life of David. His father sent him to deliver food to his elder brothers on the battlefield, he heard Goliath mocking his God and David could not stand it. He could have stuck to his job description but he knew he had to go over and above. David was frustrated that no one was doing anything, so he stood up and he took responsibility to end the mockery. He took responsibility.


Nehemiah 2: Nehemiah felt the pain of his people and he was sad that his city- the city of the Holy One of Israel was in ruins.  He took responsibility irrespective of the fact that he was a servant. He formulated an action plan too, He wasn’t just worried, He planned a strategy even before he knew he was going to get permission from his master. He could have folded his hands because he was safe in the king’s palace. But he stood up, prayed, and took actions.



Esther 4 talks about another woman who did not let the comfort she was experiencing let her turn a blind eye to what might have become to the end of her people. She risked her life for that of her people and in the end, it paid off. Not only was her people saved, the very person who put the life of she and her people was silenced forever. Don’t let fear stop you from doing what is right, God is faithful, he never disappoints those who put their trust in him.




We need to learn to take responsibility. If you notice something that needs to be changed, don’t turn a blind eye, look for ways to fix it. Stop making excuses! David was too young, Deborah was a woman, Esther was just a village girl who married into royalty…these individuals did not let a supposed shortcoming stop them from standing up and impacting generations.


We have been given the mandate to cause change. 2 Chronicles 7:14 ‘if my people who are called by my name will pray and turn from their wicked ways…’

We have been charged with the responsibility of praying and turning from our twisted ways.  Twisted ways include:

  1. Not doing the right things
  2. Not saying the truth
  3. Not getting your PVC
  4. Cutting corners
  5. Not performing your civic responsibilities
  6. Doing your personal business on company’s time
  7. Complaining

In the process of doing the right thing, always remember that people will complain and make fun of you, so, don’t let them intimidate you. The Bible says that you are a light. And as a light, you are supposed to shine in the gross darkness. The world needs your light and direction, so don’t hold back.

When you are in love with Jesus, you will give your best, you’d go over and above. The woman who broke the alabaster box at Jesus’ feet is a typical example. She could have sprinkled a little bit of her alabaster but no, she didn’t she gave her all. Her act is synonymous to our service to God today. Are we being miserly about our service to God? Remember, there’s nothing too big for God.


When you are faced with challenges, here are some ways to respond:

  1. Respond with Joy: always respond with joy, don’t fall into the temptation of responding with sadness Isaiah:54:1 don’t do the expected. Don’t fold up and cry because as children of God, we know our end, the victory is ours.
  2. Respond with Prayer: Whatever you are going through, don’t respond with worry. Worry has never done anything good. When you worry, you take over the responsibility from God and try to fix things yourself. Matthew 5:43-44 Pray about everything.
  3. Respond with Boldness: The lion turns not away for any. We are guaranteed victory. No matter how bad the situation is I come out victorious. It’s the very premise on which this church is built. We never lose any battle.


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Thermostat, not Thermometer- Take Responsibility